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In communicating people of Number 30 may be sharp and sometimes adamant, but due to the depth of knowledge, intuitive vision, they are influential and.
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But above and beyond that it has been a part of my business model by helping clients add value and content about their contributions to their communities. It has allowed me to work with people in the town next door and across the globe. Thanks to all who work everyday to add content and value and attempt to make our experiences relevant and meaningful. For those of you who have never experienced the world without the WWW. Trust me, it's so much better, if you use it as the tool that it is and don't allow it to run your life, you will appreciate it for what it can be.

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Nicely put. Thank you so much for your continued dedication to making the world a better place Tim. Hopefully it inspires many others to contribute. It seems just like yesterday that we had to print and fax a document to be ahead of the mail regular old fashion postal service and now we think nothing of it. I wonder how many users today understand the difference between the Internet and the www I recently wrote an essay that you might enjoy as a compliment to this evolution of where we go next.

Enjoy and feel free to reach out. What a momentous occasion!

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I don't know where we would have been without the web, and thank you for your thoughtful considerations on its current challenges and our future. Here's a concept on how to improve the web:educatism. Let me know what you guys think. I remember very well the days in late summer when I got my first email address the University of Bamberg.

Gopher was the "hot" thing back then, and some sort of early-stage World Wide Web. Glad to be right with the WWW right from the beginning as my then university in Dresden very much promoted the use of digital communication, and I was thrilled to connect with the world, first while writing on my thesis, afterwards for research, and later on for work.

In the beginning, the Web was populated by scientists and curious people who used it in largely the social sense. This did not last too long until the marketers found the value of the Web and flooded it with push messages, and people who expressed their personal views under the mask of fake profiles. Time to bring back the WWW to what it originally was intended: a place to collaborate across boundaries of time, space, and cultures I'm very humbled that you chose to end the 30h tour in Nigeria.

I hope you get to stay there a little longer to see the rural area too. Organisations like Fantsuam. Many things are happening in Nigeria with internet. Not any mention of blockchain project that are trying to solve big world wide web issues centralization, privacy infringement and Ddos attack? Ill tell just one We nurture care teach and let loose…Like over-heated atoms they collide, fuse, disjoin — but always with the chance of creating unknown elements of staggering beautyFor countless millions we share contact, music, art, love and values we hold dearAs we, who would not have met, lie entwinedSharing the Sunday papers self, and together, absorbedSir Tim… take heart.

I know some methods to see the future at this world, I watch some movies and I have some hacks at all my www info like you wrote..

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I'm selling the proofs I'm great grandson of Valentin Gomez Farias. Full disclosure: I know Tim personally. Tim is exactly right in this speech. He's identified the factors that will destroy one of humanity's greatest resources, and suggested how to approach the avoidance of catastrophe.

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Tim may not always be right sorry, Tim! Please pay attention!! Without the spider's ingenuity and architectural wisdom in building its trap-house that produced from its body, known as the web, designers of radio-TV stations' NETwork, and website functioner as World Wide Web invented by Sir Berners-Lee , the usefulness of such inventions will not be possible.

Olaes 12 March Hi Sir Tim, thank you for your continuing efforts to make the web a better place. Kind Regards,Mike[there is no need to publish this here if viewed of as inappropriate because of the link. I simply wanted to ensure Sir Tim had the opportunity of enjoying the content I made for the thirtieth anniversary of the web as it did not seem to appear on your digital channels as I was informed it might have been]. Great article that we should all pay attention to if we want a voice in shaping the internet of future. I feel often these things are either decided by a small group or committee that often appeals to the global governments of Nations.

Stay at home non working individuals 4. Students from preschool through College And many more categories Thank you for making us think on this important topic Sir Tim. Vehicle tracking system is modern technology. It safe our vehicle, also we looking our vehicle. If you go unknown place, then GPS is best friend for find any location and safety. Hi Sir Tim, thank you for creating the world wide web. Speed of communication is now at its fastest. Information is now freely available if you have access to the Internet. I support you in your endeavours to make the www.

We should also think about cleaning the web up and removing all the the clutter that has been accumulated! There are now 4 websites to every person on the planet. Let's delete some and gain some clarity! Having been online since , I feel the web has become a perverse collection of marketers disguised as do gooders.

How I long for the days when web pages were all text and even animated gifs that talk about the topics we care about without the need to sell something. I hope there would be a separate network that would be purely non-commercial. Just a thought. It's interesting that the three "sources of dysfunction" don't include data harvesting and invasion of privacy through continuous spying by large corporations.

Although no 2 alludes to these issues, and they are referred to later, it's almost as an afterthought. Protecting people from these behaviours should be a higher priority than, say, outraged discourse.

Hello, Tim! I think in that way: we need to create an Open Net and Close Nets.

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In Open Net will be not any laws without law about the absence of any censorship. And in the Close Nets everyone who create one will can make any rules which he want and he will be protected by the Univeral Declaration of Human Rights. That would be such a good idea IMO.

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Privacy is one of the fundamental human rights as stated for years by major international organisations and it stands as a basis of democracy. Today we have all together to conciliate freedom of communication and services access offered by the historical goals of the Web with fundamental human rights as to preserving privacy on future Internet.

A moratory framework for technical specifications and design in order to prove compatibility of privacy with freedom of communication and networking services on Internet shall be a priority goal of the scientific community.

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Fundamental tools e. This framework shall not cover only personal data protection by service providers and operators but also associated protocols, services and apps interfaces for preserving privacy on social media networks and inter-networking exchanges under direct control of the users whenever required. Nowadays, the need for such a standard framework is obvious i. To set-up an international task force on privacy protection on Internet could be a first mandatory step towards a future Internet of freedom and democracy!

I have a question about two related aspects of web quality: provenance where data and information come from, are processed, indicators of reliability and declarative semantic markup what claims are made about content. So for example, if a news item turns out to be a corporate press release, there should be an automated way of:1 tracking that news item even if slightly amended back to its source;2 determining what kind of content the page's markup claimed the story was. Clearly, if the markup claimed it was a news article and perhaps gave a misleading author, and the provenance checks uncovered the real source, then that page might be treated differently from a page considered to be genuine news lower in search rankings, removed from news tab of searching engines and news feeds, highlighted with warnings in browsers and so forth.

To avoid this, deception would favour poor or presentation-only markup that made no claim. Should poor or presentation-only markup therefore be considered suspect? I agree with both Traian Muntean and Sleeping Dog but from different perspectives. Privacy protection is a human right that should be protected by the web. But truth also needs to preserved.

A web designed to reliably achieve anonymity would maximize privacy but decrease truthfulness like someone shouting crazy ideas in a crowd or in a dark alley. In contrast, a web that reliably and accurately bound people to what they post would tend to improve truthfulness since they would be held accountable by critical reviewer would likewise be accountable for what they say in response.

Ideally, people need to be able to decide when to be anonymous and when to declare their opinions and principles. The web needs to be able to achieve these goals simultaneously.